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“We want to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”
Our vision of financially satisfied, successful customers is based on a simple premise. We believe customers across all business segments can be better served, and save time and money, if they bring all their financial services to one trusted provider that knows them well, provides trusted guidance and advice, and can serve their full range of financial needs through a wide choice of products and services.
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Community based

By “community based” we mean we’re not just a bank that happens to be in the community; we’re a community bank. We’re “in and of” every community in which we do business, whether it ’s Columbia, South Carolina; Des Moines, Iowa; or Roseville, California. And we’re in more U.S. communities than any of our competitors.

We all identify with our communities and take geographic pride in where we live and where we’re from. That’s my town. That’s my state. As part of our work to find what’s best for each of our customers, we think about what’s best for our communities — the places where we live and work, pay taxes, raise families, educate children, buy groceries, and support local nonprofits.

We’re local first, then national. We weren’t born as a national bank that then decided to be local. We were born as a local bank in one community that does business on Main Street, and then we grew into a family of many local banks in many communities.

Every segment of the industry in which we do business — including banking, mortgage, investments, and insurance — started in a neighborhood and a town and grew to be national, not the other way around.
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